Mae-Ling Lokko


Photo: Mae-Ling Lokko

Alongside the increasing demand for food production and housing in the twenty-first century is an equally rapidly growing material resource stream in the form of agrowaste by-products. These have the potential to not only “close” life cycle gaps, but also propel forms of generative citizenship through upcycling.

Agrocologies is a platform for exploring how upcycling can be activated and integrated across the intimate scale of the home, a community, and a larger upcycling infrastructure.

The ecology of the kitchen, at the domestic and communal scale, is chosen as a focal landscape for design and exploration of multiple forms of upcycling practices ranging from rethinking kitchen infrastructures for waste processing to the in-situ growing of building materials from agrowaste. In opposition to contemporary practices of waste management that are underpinned largely by punitive systems of operation, Agrocologies is an invitation to investigate how agrowaste processing and transformation can be integrated into the rituals of living and experienced within the prototype of the twenty-first-century kitchen.

Mae-Ling Lokko (GH, PH, US) Architectural technologist Mae-Ling Lokko is an assistant professor and Director of the Building Sciences program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA. Her work centers on upcycling agrowaste and biopolymer materials into “high” performance building material systems, and is inspired by emerging interdisciplinary research on next generation biocomposite green materials as well as Ghanaian contemporary waste upcycling. Recent works have been exhibited at Biodesign, Rhode Island School of Design (2018), Liverpool Biennial 2018, ANO Institute of Contemporary Arts and Mmofra Foundation Climate Change Exhibition (both Accra, Ghana, in 2017); Advanced Energy Conference, New York, USA (2016), the Chale Wote Festival Accra, Ghana in 2016; and Rotch Golden Cube, Troy, USA in 2016.